First blog post. 

Hello, readers!

I hope you all are doing fine. Well, I know you guys must now be wondering why you are reading this or why I started this blog. The answer is pretty simple – I am just any other teenager with teenage problems. Who’s life is a complete mess and has no courage to say things out loud without being judged or criticised. I just need to have somewhere where I can say exactly what I want, when I want and how I want – to someone. And not have to worry about being judged. Well, with this you might have guessed. This blog is going to be anonymous ( until I have the courage to accept my identity ). So, I can totally be me. I am sure a lot of you have a lot to say too. I hope we can make this corner of the internet our very own and express everything we have always wanted to. I would love to read what you guys have to say. And it would be wonderful if you would join me. 🙂

Thanks for reading ( if any of you have actually been reading)! I think that is it for now. I will catch up with you guys soon. Take care, until next time.

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Surviving Hell. #tuesdaysromance

“From names written on walls, 

to names written on wedding cards,

no one ever thought; we would

survive this hell they set up for us.”


we all have that special someone we fight for. All the time. Nobody ever seems to approve of the relationship we share with that person because of rules and  things that don’t even matter.

Sometimes, we tend to give up. But is that all we fought for? To give up? Think about it. Your relationship belongs to you and not others. Then why give up because of others?

Fight for what you love because in the end it’s just you and your loved ones/things. You came into this  world all by yourself and you are going to die all by yourself. Then why not love for yourself and all the things/people you love?

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Breaking shells. #tuesdaysromance

Hey guys! What’s up?

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There is always that one love that we keep going back to, isn’t it? No matter how much we build up our walls, no matter how hard of a shell we put ourselves into, we always go back to that one person.

The shell seems to stand strong when others try to come in, but for that one person, that one touch we crave, it always melts. Sometimes, I think we must let go of that one toxic person and let everyone in. Because everyone is not as bad as we think they are.

I was one among the 1 million people who kept going back to that one person. And I feared every other person too, so, I termed them all as ‘monsters’. But later in life, when I slowly let people in, I realised that monsters have feelings too. And that there is always a beast waiting for every beauty out there. He may portray himself all tough and strong, but he has feelings too.

To everyone who fears people, don’t fear them. There might be someone who fears you. It’s a mad cycle. Be nice to everyone and let go of all the people who give you negative vibes.

When you do so, you’ll find life more welcoming and people will love you for who you are. Moreover, you’ll find that special someone who will love and care for you no matter how annoying you get. They’ll love all your imperfections and you’ll love them too.

And trust me, that’s when you’ll know that everything happens for a reason and the shell you live in must break to let the light shine in.

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False Promises.

All these dead words,

you give them life.

The life you give to them 

I think, is to take the life I have.

False promises are like a candle in a dark room –  they light you up until the wax lasts. Promises are a symbol of loyalty, responsibility and various other things.

False promises blinds the other person. It thrashes the built expectations. The ladder of hope decreases by a step every time this is the reason for someone being hurt.

When two people fall in love or promise to be friends, deep down we know that they cannot keep up to every word that falls out of their mouth but in the end, it hurts anyway. Expectations and hope have no place to stay in a room filled with promises that cannot be kept. But that doesn’t keep us away from that person. We love them anyway because a little bit of bitterness is needed to understand the sweetness of it; a few false promises are needed to understand the value of fulfilled promises.

But again, too much of anything is too bad and it is not okay for anybody to walk over you and make you dance to their tune.

Know your worth.

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With this volcanic eruption of words about rape culture and sexual harassment and abuse, I thought that I should contribute as much as I can.


We grew up listening to our parents constantly scaring us with fictitious monsters living under our beds.

Don’t do that! boogie man will punish you”, exclaimed mom.

Somewhere between trying to protect us and giving us a good future, our parents forgot to warn us about the real monsters that live in our head and in the outside world.  These men want to satisfy their sexual needs at the cost of a girls life. My psychology teacher taught me that rape happens when people don’t prioritize their needs according to their need hierarchy. But is it just the need hierarchy the reason for increase in the number of rapes? Men do this for revenge too. When women shine in what they do, it hurts their male ego and hence this happens.

Its surprising to see that so many of us have been a victim of this and we did nothing about this till now. And it hurts to see a few girls saying that we are wrong.

“A four year old was raped”, the newspaper report read. Is it still our fault?

We need to understand that this is not okay. And that we need to fight back, no matter how strong the other person is.

Parents fear to let their girl children out of the houses. Its not just the victim being affected. Its all the women and young ladies out there.

Locked up they stay,

all alone in their room.

Fighting for freedom,

fighting for their dreams.

Nearly none of the victims raise their voice. They all give up. Give up on their lives. Give up on their dreams.

You know which is the most richest and talent-filled place on this earth?

Its the graveyard. All unspoken words, broken dreams and not fulfilled relations are found there.

On behalf of all those who lost their fight and the ones who are still fighting, lets raise our voice. I believe that the internet is the most powerful thing in today’s world and I also think that it is the most powerful weapon against anything.

Lets join hands for this.



Slut shaming.

Slut shaming is an action of calling a woman a slut, a whore or talking bad about her past experiences or implanting false rumors or even passing rude comments for revenge.

This is usually done to embarrass, humiliate, intimidate, degrade or shame a woman for her actions that are mostly a normal part of female sexuality.

Most of us have been  shamed for what the bullies call ‘fun’. Is hurting someone so much that they end their lives fun? I don’t understand how this takes place.

I have been called a slut so many times even though I haven’t really behaved in such manner. I have been called a slut because people think they get popular by insulting a girl and because I stood up for myself, I was insulted more. And when I reported the issue, the higher authorities advised me to ignore. Can this really be ignored? When will people understand that IT IS NOT OKAY FOR SOMEONE TO CALL SOMEONE NAMES.

Its my body, the clothes I wear do not define my character.

If you are being slut shamed, please stand up for yourself. Please don’t give up. It will be tough in the beginning but keep fighting.

I have given up so many times. But later in life, I realized that people need to be taught a lesson and slut shaming has to be stopped.



Hey guys!

I hope you all had a wonderful day.

I hope you all liked this post. Help me stand against slut shaming. 🙂

How to deal with toxic people?

You will meet a lot of people in your life. Different people Showcase different behaviour towards you – some positive and the other negative.

Negative behaviour can be because of two reasons – when a person is emotionally facing some issues or when a person dislikes you and wants to put you down.

When a person is always moody and acting strange, give them a helping hand. Ask them why they are upset and if they want to talk about it, listen to them. If this person says something rude to you, but you know they don’t mean it, forgive them. Don’t make a huge fuss about it. Instead, help them.

If there is a person, who passes rude comments about you, your body, your family or even loved ones, DO NOT KEEP IT TO YOURSELF OR JUST LET IT BE. In such situations, you need to put your foot down and stand up for yourself. No one can disrespect you. You are not their source of entertainment.

Tell your friends about what happened. Maybe they could be of some help.

Sometimes, even after you standing up for yourself, people don’t change. They think that they are right and those kind of people don’t deserve your attention. Ignore such people. Distance yourself from negativity and focus on the positive things in life.

Personally, I’ve come across nearly a hundred people who have passed bad comments on me for what they call ‘fun’. I fought for myself but things only got worse. Now, I choose to ignore them.

All of you will have your own ways of dealing with toxic people.

Let me know yours in the comments below. 🙂


Hey guys! Hope you all are doing good! 🙂

I hope this post helped you in some way.

Until next time,

TheMirroredSoul 🙂


How to remain positive?

Hello, readers!

Hope all of you are having a wonderful weekend!

Just as the topic reads – How to remain positive, I’m here to share some of my views and tips on the same.

All of us go through difficult situations and get drained out with all the negative energy it brings. Being optimistic and looking for the sunshine on a rainy day is next to impossible.  But being positive or negative is the individuals choice.

Lets all chose to see the good in life and believe in the power of encouragement and have hope that things will get better.


No matter where you’re at with choosing positivity, here are some tips for adding some optimism to your life, even when the world craps all over you.

  1. listen to good music – listening to music always helps. it calms the mind and puts you at rest. No matter what mood you are in, soothing music or any kind of music you prefer helps.
  2. Eat healthily –  Eating healthy helps a lot. keeping your body fit is as important as keeping your mind calm. People say that when your body is fit, you automatically start feeling good vibes.
  3. Exercise regularly – As I mentioned above, keeping your body fit helps.
  4. Bring out the positivity in every negative situation – It is difficult to be positive during a negative situation but we must try to look at every situation optimistically. This helps in reducing over thinking and stress. when you learn to analyse every situation, life becomes easier.
  5. Make your living environment positive – When you reside in a positive environment, you automatically gain positive vibes. It makes you happier and gives no room from negative energy.
  6. Share your issues – Sharing your issues always helps. when you cannot be positive and look at any situation positively, tell someone whatever that is bothering you. They might help in making the situation better or help you analyse the situation better.


I hope this write-up helped you in any way. Stay positive and surround yourself with positive energy always!

Have a great day! 🙂

Loads of love,


Is self harm a cowardly thing to do? 

“People who attempt suicide don’t want to end their lives. They just want to end their pain.” 

When you hear the words “self harm” what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Let me guess. Words like “attention seeking” and “stupid” will flash in your head. Or maybe if you are a little level headed you might think there is a serious problem and that particular person needs help. 

No, I’m not saying that people who self harm don’t seek attention. We do. You may ask why? Its simply because we’ve never felt that kind of love or affection from anyone. Or even just been checked upon. Please be kind enough to think we are not seeking attention but calling for help. Don’t ever make it worse by saying things like “you are a loser” or “this world doesnt need people like you”. You wouldn’t beleive if I told you, some people actually think that by being rude, they can help a person be positive. Sounds funny doesn’t it? 

If you ever come across a person who self harms, please, please just be there for them. They might push you away but please stay. They need you but they don’t want to look desperate or burden you with their problems. Most people are introverts. They dont talk about their problems because they think they are being more of a pain to people. But when checked upon, they might actually be going through a lot. 

It doesn’t take a lot of your time to ask someone if they are doing okay or even just compliment them. It really makes their day. 
And to all the people who self harm? You are fighting every day, every minute, every second. You can’t give up. You did not fight to give up. You fought and are still fighting hoping to win. Please just hang in there. It always gets better. 🙂 


Hey guys. Hope you all doing good. I hope this post can make a difference somewhere. 

Dont forget to smile. 🙂 

With love, 

The mirrored soul. 

Losing your bestfriend

Hey, guys! I hope you all are doing fine. 🙂

In this particular phase of life, friends play a major role. Either they make or they break you or they make you and then they break you. It feels really good when you have a friend. You hangout and do just everything you must be doing.

But how long does it last? How long before you outgrow your friend? And how does it feel once you do? Feels terrible. Feels like someone detached your heart from your body. You feel empty. And how do you cope up with it?

Honestly, do nothing. You’ve lost that person. There is no point in dragging them back into your life or just crying over it or even blaming yourself. You’ve made  memories, cherish them. But never lose yourself in the process.

Life goes on. You will find someone new and move on eventually. That’s life.


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